Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition- Meet the Judges!

In advance of IMS's first-ever Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition, see what some of the judges have to say about what they're looking for, what excites them about technology, and what they hope to see at IMS2017! All IMS2017 attendees are welcome to come see the 3MT competition on Monday, June 5 at 2 p.m. in the Hawai'i Convention Center, Room 313C. Attendees are also welcome to come to the briefing session at 9 a.m. on Monday, June 5, in the same room. For more information:

We hope to see you there!


Amy Hubbard, 2017 3MT judge and Professor and Chair in the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa’s Department of Communicology, says...

What you look for in an engaging presentation:

* I’m looking for a loud clear voice that sounds authentic and sincere.

* I’m looking for a presenter who speaks with conviction and demonstrates a clear understanding of the fundamental elements of the research conducted.

* I’m looking for someone who appropriately considers the audience’s level of knowledge and who makes adjustments in word choice so that his/her ideas are translated in effective ways (audience members can relate to the content and the underlying message resonates with the audience member).

* I’m looking for someone who can appear both professional and approachable at the same time.

* I’m looking for someone who can build rapport and a sense of connection with the audience.

* I’m looking for someone who looks comfortable, confident, and happy to be presenting to an audience.

What excites you about technology:

* What excites me about technology is the notion of possibility.  Technology is a tool that advances our understanding of the world and allows us to interact in the world, for better or for worse, in new and different ways.  

* The uncertainty that accompanies technology is intriguing.  Questions about where we’ve come from and where we’ll go naturally arise from discussions of technology.

What you hope to see in our 3MT competition:

* I hope to see prepared participants who are engaged with their materials and are enthusiastic about the opportunity to share their research with others.

* I hope to see people who are able to make something that might be inaccessible or not comprehensible to someone without an advanced degree in that areas of expertise, very accessible and comprehensible.

* I hope to see people appreciate all of the work and thought that went into developing and executing a three minute presentation.


Jay Fidell, IMS2017 3MT judge, attorney and founder of ThinkTech Hawai'i, says:

What I look for in an engaging presentation:

1.  Opening and closing with beginning, middle and end.

2.  A limited number of graphical slides, not wordy ones.

3.  Memorable phrases and learning advice on the subject.

4.  Spoken, not read.  Short sentences, not long.

5.  Adapted to the audience, as interactive as possible.


What excites me about technology:

1.  Everything.

2.  The process of discovering and improving it.

3.  The disruptive effects on our lives and society.

4.  The benefits of making life easier for all of us.

5.  The new phenomenon of global collaboration.


What I hope to see in the 3MT competition:

1.  I hope to hear them talk about their science in scientific terms, not dumbed down.

2.  I hope to hear them talk about their research and development thought process.

3.  I hope they share their excitement so we can all enjoy and emulate their experience.


Burt Lum, 2017 3MT judge and Executive Director of Hawai‘i Open Data, says... 

What you look for in an engaging presentation:

I look for presentations that are visual and captivate the imagination.


What excites you about technology:

Technology is uncovering secrets in the universe we were previously unable to grasp. Technology helps broaden the mind of humans. 


What you hope to see in our 3MT competition:

Innovations that help make the world a better place.



Erin Kiley

A new assistant professor of mathematics at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Erin Kiley <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> is an applied mathematician whose research specializes in modelling and computational electromagnetics.  



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