The Industry Paper Competition (IPC) recognizes outstanding technical contributions from industry sources. All finalist papers are from the RF/microwave industry and describe innovation of a product or system application that potentially has the highest impact on an RF/microwave product and/or system which will significantly benefit the microwave community and society at large. 

Congratulations to this year's finalists!

A Compact 60 W MMIC Amplifier Based on a Novel 3-Way 1:2:1 Doherty Architecture With Best-in-Class Efficiency for Small Cells (TU2G)
Xavier Moronval, Ampleon

A 128-GS/s 63-GHz-Bandwidth InP-HBT-Based Analog-MUX Module for Ultra-Broadband D/A Conversion Subsystem (TU2H)
Munehiko Nagatani, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

An FPGA-Based All-Digital Transmitter With 9.6-GHz 2nd Order Time-Interleaved Delta-Sigma Modulation for 500-MHz Bandwidth (TU2H)
Masaaki Tanio, NEC Corporation

Triple-Band Dielectric Resonator Bandpass Filters (WE1C)
Li Zhu, Honeywell International Inc.

Long-Range Wireless Link With Fiber-Equivalent Data Rate (WE1F)
Kenneth Brown, Raytheon Company

A Multi-Band CMOS Doherty PA With Tunable Matching Network (WE2D)
Paul Draxler, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

180–265 GHz, 17–24 dBm Output Power, Broadband, High-Gain Power Amplifiers in InP HBT (WE2F)
Zach Griffith, Teledyne Scientific and Imaging 

An Integrated RF Match and Baseband Termination Supporting 395 MHz Instantaneous Bandwidth for High Power Amplifier Applications (WE4E)
Ning Zhu, NXP Semiconductors

A 60 GHz SiGe BiCMOS Monostatic Transceiver for Radar Applications (TH1I)
Efe Öztürk, Silicon Radar GmbH

28 GHz Wideband Filter Using Quartz Crystal waveguide for Massive MIMO Antenna Unit (TH2B)
Kengo Onaka, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

A High-Speed THz Permittivity Measurement System Featuring a Simple 2-Tone Generation Method Using LO Leakage (TH2E)
Teruo Jyo, NTT Device Technology Laboratories

Q-Band InP/CMOS Receiver and Transmitter Beamformer Channels Fabricated by 3D Heterogeneous Integration (TH3H)
Andrew Carter, Teledyne Scientific and Imaging