The Advanced Practice Paper Competition (APPC) recognizes outstanding technical contributions that apply to practical applications. All finalist papers are on advanced practices and describe an innovative RF/microwave design, integration technique, process enhancement, and/or combination thereof that results in signi cant improvements in performance and/or in time to production for RF/microwave components, subsystems, or systems. 

Congratulations to this year's finalists! 

Elliptical Alignment Holes Enabling Accurate Direct Assembly of Microchips to Standard Waveguide Flanges at Sub-THz Frequencies (TU1E)
James Campion, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Nonlinear Technique for the Analysis of the Free- Running Oscillator Phase Noise in the Presence of an Interference Signal (TU2E)
Sergio Sancho, University of Cantabria

0.4-THz Wideband Imaging Transmitter in 65-nm CMOS (TU2F)
Zeshan Ahmad, University of Texas at Dallas

A Fully-Integrated Cartesian Feedback Loop Transmitter in 65 nm CMOS (TU2F)
Jinbo Li, University of California, Davis

2 to 18 GHz High-Power and High-Efficiency Amplifiers (TU2G)
Phu Tran, Northrop Grumman Space Technology

57.5 GHz Bandwidth 4.8 Vpp Swing Linear Modulator Driver for 64 GBaud m-PAM Systems (TU2H)
Alireza Zandieh, University of Toronto

A 128-GS/s 63-GHz-Bandwidth InP-HBT-Based Analog-MUX Module for Ultra-Broadband D/A Conversion Subsystem (TU2H)
Munehiko Nagatani, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

Interference Based W-Band Single-Pole Double-Throw with Tunable Liquid Crystal Based Waveguide Phase Shifters (TU3B)
Matthias Jost, Technische Universität Darmstadt

A Low Loss and Self-Packaged Patch Coupler Based on SISL Platform (TU3B)
Kaixue Ma, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

A Varactor-Tuned Frequency-Reconfigurable Fabric Antenna Embedded in Polymer: Assessment of Suitability for Wearable Applications (TU3C)
Roy B. V. B. Simorangkir, Macquarie University

A Half Mode Inkjet Printed Tunable Ferrite Isolator (TU3G)
Farhan Abdul Ghaffer, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology 

Artificial Gradient-Index Lens Based on Single Unit Cell Layer Fishnet Metamaterial for Phase Correction of a Horn Antenna (TU4E)
Matthias Maasch, Technische Universität Darmstadt

A Design Methodology for Fully Canonic NRN Filters in Coaxial Technology (WE1C)
Guiseppe Macchiarella, Politecnico di Milano

An Active Balanced Up-Converter Module in InP-on-BiCMOS Technology (WE1E)
Maruf Hossain, Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH)

Long-Range Wireless Link With Fiber-Equivalent Data Rate (WE1F)
Kenneth Brown, Raytheon Company

Antennas and Antenna-Electronics Interfaces Made of Conductive Yarn and Paint for Cost-Effective Wearable RFIDs and Sensors (WE1G)

Xiaochen Chen, Tampere University of Technology

A CMOS Single-Cell Deformability Analysis Using 3D Hydrodynamic Stretching in a GHz Dielectric Flow Cytometry (WE1I)

Jun-Chau Chien, University of California, Berkeley

Correlation Between Morphology Change and Microwave Property During Single-Cell Electroporation (WE1I)
Hang Li, Lehigh University

A Multi-Band CMOS Doherty PA with Tunable Matching Network (WE2D)
Paul Draxler, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

A Broadband Reconfigurable Load Modulated Balanced Amplifier (LMBA) (WE2D)
Daniel Shepphard, Cardi University

Detection of Vital Signs for Multiple Subjects by Using Self-Injection-Locked Radar and Mutually Injection-Locked Beam Scanning Array (WE2G)
Fu-Kang Wang, National Sun Yat-sen University

An Ultra-Wide Stopband Self-Packaged Quasi- Lumped-Element Low Pass Filter Based on Substrate Integrated Suspended Line Technology (WE4C)
Kaixue Ma, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 

A Micromachined Differential Probe for On-Wafer Measurements in the WM-1295 (140–220 GHz) Band (WE4D)
Robert Weikle, University of Virginia

Supercomputing-Enabled First-Principles Analysis of Wireless Channels in Real-World Environments (TH1A)
Zhen Pang, University of New Mexico

Very-Low Phase Noise RF-MEMS Reference Oscillator Using AlN-on-Si Resonators Achieved by Accurate Co-Simulation (TH1C)
Johannes Stegner, Technische Universität Ilmenau

Displacement Monitoring System Based on a Quadrature Self-Injection-Locked RadarTechnology (TH1G)
Fu-Kang Wang, National Sun Yat-sen University

Metamaterial Leaky Wave Antenna Enabled Efficient 3D Spectrally-Encoded Microwave Tomography Using Linear Sampling Method (TH1G)
Chung-Tse (Michael) Wu, Wayne State University

Over the Air Characterization for 5G Massive MIMO Array Transmitters (TH2A)
Nuno Carvalho, Instituto de Telecomunicacoes

Waveguide Band-Pass Filter With Reduced Sensitivity to Fabrication Tolerances for Q-Band Payloads (TH2B)
Fernando Teberio, Public University of Navarre

Space Mapping Post-Fabrication Tuning of 3D Printed Air-Filled Waveguide Filter (TH3A)
Song Li, University of Regina

3D Inductors with Nanowire Through Substrate Vias (TH3B)
Júlio Pinheiro, University of Sao Paulo

Zero-Bias, 50 dB Dynamic Range, V-Band Power Detector Based on CVD Graphene (TH3B)
Mohamed Elsayed, Aachen University of Technology

A Notch-Feedback Based 4th-Order 2-4 GHz Bandpass Filter System for S-Band Radar Receiver Protection Under the LTE and Radar Coexistence (TH3C)
Laya Mohammadi, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

UHF Power Amplifier With Self-Contained Dynamic Power Control for Enhanced Efficiency in Back-Off Operation (TH3G)
Marc Franco, QORVO, Inc. 

Wideband LTCC Transitions of Flip-Chip to Waveguides/Connectors for a Highly Dense Phased Array System-in-Package at 60 GHz (TH3H)
Saman Jafarlou, University of California, Irvine

An LTCC-Based 8-Channel 4 to 12 GHz Hybrid Channel-Dropping Multiplexer for a CubeSat Radiometer Mission (TH3H)
Christopher Galbraith, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

A 0.7–1 GHz Tunable RF Front-End Module for FDD and In-Band Full-Duplex Using SOI CMOS and SAW Resonators (TH3I)
Barend van Liempd, IMEC

A New Resonance in a Circular Waveguide Cavity Assisted by Anisotropic Metasurfaces (TH4B)
Xiaoqiang Li, University of California, Los Angeles

ACP-OPLL Photonic IC With no Balanced Photodetection for High Dynamic Range RF Photonic Links (TH4G)
Longtao Xu, University of Massachusetts