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IEEE MTT-S and IEEE ComSoc are offering a special joint 5G Summit at IMS2017 from 5–6 June 2017 with expert speakers covering both the hardware/systems and networking/services aspects for the upcoming 5G Standard. As part of the impactful 5GSummit.org series, this summit will provide a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and researchers from the industrial and academic community to collaborate and exchange ideas in this emerging technology that may help drive the standards and enable rapid deployment. The summit is complemented by a 5G Executive Forum and 5G Special Demos.

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5G Summit

Monday-Tuesday, 5-6 June 2017
Location: Hawai‘i Convention Center, 311

Debabani Choudhury, Intel Labs, IMS2017 5G Summit Committee
Doug Zuckerman, Vencore Labs, IMS2017 5G Summit Committee
Ashutosh Dutta, ATT, IMS2017 5G Committee
Tim LaRocca, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, IMS2017 5G Summit Committee
Joy Laskar, MajaSystems, IMS2017 5G Summit Committeee

The 5G Summit at IMS2017 is part of a special collaboration that complements MTT-S’s “hardware and systems” focus with ComSoc’s “networking and services” focus. To fully integrate this special 5G Summit into the IMS program, the summit will be held on Monday and Tuesday afternoons; the registration cost will be the same as that of a full-day workshop. The Summit will also be complemented by an Executive Forum on 5G, as well as a 5G Demo area in the 5G/IoT Pavilion on the exhibition floor.

The summit program features top experts from industry, academia, and government, who will share knowledge and discuss strategies and solutions with the summit attendees. Day 1 (PM) features Flavio Bonomi of Nebbiolo Technologies as the opening keynote speaker, who will give a 5G overview and show the relationship with fog computing and networking as a key enabler. Distinguished speakers following Flavio will cover topics including security, spectrum use, operator and service provider perspectives, advanced multicarrier waveforms, channel modeling, and densification. Day 1 will end with a panel on “5G Startup Ecosystem-Network to Components.”

Day 2 (PM) begins with an overview of the IEEE 5G Initiative by Ashutosh Dutta of AT&T, the initiative co-chair, and then a keynote by Arogyaswami Paulraj of Stanford University on “5G Wireless Evolution and MU-MIMO.” The distinguished speakers who follow will cover topics such as massive MIMO from LTS to new radio, V2X and 5G, 5G vision and experimental trials from a service provider perspective, full-duplex wireless challenges, RFIC/CMOS techniques for 5G and beyond, and RFIC/CMOS transceivers for 5G. Day 2 will close with a panel on “5G Test and Measurement.”

Click here to view the complete 5G Summit agenda.

Click here to view the 5G Summit speaker bios.

5G Demos

Tuesday-Thursday, 6-8 June 2017
Location: Hawai‘i Convention Center, Exhibit Hall

Open to all conference attendees, the 5G Special Demos will showcase 5G technologies from participating companies. The session will be held on the Exhibition Floor in the 5G/IoT Pavilion from 6­–8 June.


5G Executive Forum: An Insider's View of 5G

Tuesday, 6 June 2017
Location: Hawai‘i Convention Center, 311
Time: 17:00-19:00

The 5G Executive Forum is a two-hour fireside chat on 6 June 2017 with executive leaders in the 5G field that will be open to all conference attendees. Executives will provide their vision of the 5G market while fielding questions from both a moderator and audience. The panelists will cover all areas within the 5G market.

More importantly, a reception including complimentary beer, wine, and appetizers will be included! This will be a great time to network and meet the executives! 

     5G Executive Forum Schedule:
Appetizers and Drinks


Executive Panel Session:
5G Vision and Product Landscape

Q&A From Audience





Executive Panel Session: 5G Vision and Product Landscape
Moderator: TBD
Sanyogita-1Dr. Sanyogita Shamsunder, Exec Director 5G Strategy/EcoSystem, Verizon
Sanyogita Shamsunder is the 5G Planning and Strategy executive at Verizon. In her previous roles she led technology and spectrum strategy as well as wireless planning. Sanyogita led the team that launched the first LTE devices in the industry. Prior to Verizon, she held positions at Lucent-Bell Labs, Sandbridge Technologies and Linquest Corporation. Sanyogita has led teams in all facets of the wireless business including device and network technology development, marketing, planning and strategy. She was an assistant professor at Colorado State University and serves on the industrial advisory board for Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers. Sanyogita received an MBA with honors from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in EE from The University of Virginia.

Choudhury IMS2017 uMag 5G 3 Vida credit-noneDr. Vida Ilderem, Vice President, Intel Labs; Director, Wireless Communications Research
Dr. Vida Ilderem is VP of Intel Labs and director of wireless communication research. WCR explores breakthrough wireless technologies to fulfill the promise of secure, energy efficient, seamless, and affordable connection and sensing for people and things. Vida holds a doctorate and a master's degree in EE from MIT, a bachelor's degree in EE and a bachelor's degree in physics from California State University, Fresno. She has 27 issued patents. 

Choudhury IMS2017 uMag 5G 4 Bami credit-noneDr. Bami Bastani, Senior Vice President for the RF Business Unit at GLOBALFOUNDRIES
Dr. Bastani has more than 35 years of experience in high-tech industry, spanning from semiconductor components to system-level network solutions. He has served as an independent board member in multiple public and private companies. Prior to joining GLOBALFOUNDRIES, he was president, CEO and board member of Meru Networks (NASDAQ: MERU), a global enterprise-grade Wi-Fi networks solution provider from March 2012 to July 2015 when the company was acquired by Fortinet. Dr. Bastani has also held positions of president, CEO, and board member in the mobility, consumer and broadband markets, including president and CEO of Trident Microsystems, Inc., B2 Global Consulting, and ANADIGICS, Inc. In addition, he has served in executive positions at Fujitsu Microelectronics and National Semiconductor. He started his career at Intel Corporation in Technology Development (PTD). Dr. Bastani has three patents in semiconductor technology. He holds a Ph.D. & MSEE in Microelectronics from The Ohio State University.

Choudhury IMS2017 uMag 5G 5 Michael credit-noneMr. Michael Stewart, CEO and a co-founder of Escape Communications, Inc.
Michael Stewart is the CEO and a co-founder of Escape Communications, Inc., which delivers baseband signal processing solutions to the wireless telecommunications infrastructure market as well as anti-jam satellite terminals. Escape specializes in wideband applications such as modems for commercial E-band and AEHF satellite terminals. Escape’s technology and modem powered the first public demonstration of a 10 Gbps wireless link – a critical technology for connecting 5G base stations. Mr. Stewart has over 30 years of experience developing and managing development teams for complex communications systems. His experience includes projects for defense communications satellites and terminals, commercial terrestrial microwave equipment, low-latency financial network equipment, and specialized audio signal processing equipment for television and radio broadcasting. Prior to his escape, Mr. Stewart held technical and management roles at TRW Electronics and Space Division on multi-gigabit digital communications satellites and was responsible for proposal and product management for point-to-point millimeter-wave radios. In 1998, Mr. Stewart founded Escape Communications with Dr. Greg Caso where he is responsible for corporate management, business development, and project oversight. He received his BSEE Magna Cum Laude from Rice University and his MSEE from the University of Southern California.

Choudhury IMS2017 uMag 5G 6 Khurram credit-none.jpgDr. Khurram P. Sheikh CEO of Kwikbit - A start-up company in Silicon Valley building the next disruption in wireless technology and services using machine learning and advanced automation. He is also an active board member of a number of start-up companies focused on breakthrough technologies that are shaping the technology ecosystem from the device to the cloud. Khurram has been at the forefront of innovation in the mobile, telecommunications, and media industries for the past 20 years with CEO and CTO roles at leading public and private companies including SiBeam and Powerwave Technologies, Inc. Previously he was the Chief Technology Officer & President, Global Business Units, where he led product development, engineering, R&D, business development, and global product/business units for the company. Mr. Sheikh was ranked in the Top 10 CTOs for 2012 by ExecRank for his leadership in the wireless and Internet industry. Mr. Sheikh is widely recognized in the industry for his pioneering efforts in the development of mobile wireless broadband or “4G” wireless technology. He had the distinct honor of building the world’s first 4G network. He developed the concept of “Inside Out” Networks that is the cornerstone of next-generation small cell wireless base stations for indoor and outdoor data capacity and ubiquitous coverage. Most recently he led the development of millimeter-wave technology chips and IP that is at the cornerstone for the future gigabit wireless applications (5G/IoT) across consumer, industrial, networking communications, and infrastructure markets.

Choudhury IMS2017 uMag 5G 7 Mark credit-noneDr. Mark Pierpoint, Vice President and General Manager, Internet Infrastructure Solutions Group, Keysight Technologies, Inc.
Mark Pierpoint focuses on delivering solutions across radio access and transport networks and into data centers. Prior to his current responsibilities, Mark held multiple management positions in R&D, Manufacturing, and Operations across various businesses within Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies in both the US and Europe. Mark is credited with paving the way for science to be applied more broadly in sales and marketing and as well as driving improved R&D productivity and leading change management, and most recently, has led Keysight’s Modular initiative. Mark joined the company in 1987, when the Electronic Measurement business was still part of Hewlett-Packard, after receiving a PhD in Microwave Engineering and BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Leeds in the UK.